« Que nos enfants nous enterrent plutôt que de nous tuer » – Par Mike Ozekhome

Ike Ekweremadu: May our children bury, not kill us; By Mike Ozekhome 

Main points:
– The article discusses the plight of Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife, who were convicted and jailed in London for conspiracy to facilitate the travel for organ harvesting.
– Their ordeal arose from their daughter’s kidney malfunction, which required continuous dialysis or a kidney transplant for her survival.
– The article laments their situation and highlights the importance of creating a future where children outlive and bury their parents, rather than inheriting a world where they dig their own graves.
– The author expresses both sympathy and empathy for the Ekweremadus, acknowledging their struggles and pains.
– The article also notes that even the rich can experience painful times, as demonstrated in the proverb « the rich also cry. »

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